What are the major causes of tyre puncture?

As a driver flat tyres are something we all deal with most causes can actually be prevented through careful parking and driving. The most common cause for punctures is sharp objects such as glass or nails penetrating the tyre which result in air escaping. In our latest blog we discuss helpful tips to try and avoid them.

Sharp object

Sharp objects such as glass and nails are the most common causes of a tyre puncture. Avoiding debris on the road is easier said than done however it does dramatically reduce your chances of a flat tyre.

Damage of failure to the Valve Stem

Valve stem issues are the second most common cause of flat tyres. The valve is the part of your tyre that you unscrew to inflate. If this gets damaged or corroded then air will leak out of the tyre leading to a flat tyre.

Separation of rim and tyre by collision

This type of tyre damage usually stems out when your tyre gets rubbed against a sharp object or hit against a curb. The tyre slips little from the rim and results in a slow loss of air from the tyre. mobile tyre repair stoke, staffordshire


Make sure you put the correct amount of air into your tyres to prevent over-pumping, most cars have a recommended PSI between 31 and 35 when the tyres are cold. Over-pumping can cause a blowout which depending on the situation can become very dangerous.

Alloy wheel leakage

Own alloy wheels? If you do then it is important to regularly check your tyre pressure even more than steel rims. Usually leakages are due to corrosion, if you regularly have this problem then it may require a professional.

Road hazards

We have all driven through Stoke and hit potholes, uneven roads these unexpected hazards can cause dramatic damage to your car and its wheels. When you do come across these unexpected hazards, don’t apply the brakes with your foot to the floor, always slow the car naturally to prevent screeching from damaging your tyres.

Mobile Tyre Repair Services

At Tread X Tyres, our mobile tyre repair team is always ready for any type of emergency repair situation. We are available 24/7 and can get to your location as soon as possible. You can rely on us to help you in any emergency.